How to Choose Ballroom / Latin Dance Shoes

How to Choose Ballroom / Latin Dance Shoes

 Several Points to Consider

You have taken a couple of ballroom dancing lessons as well as are starting to obtain even more severe about dancing. It's time to consider purchasing some dance shoes! A pair of high-quality dance footwear, with its special building and construction and also products, will assist you to find out better and dance longer. Below are 7 vital points to think about when picking the ideal dance footwear.

1. Make Certain it Fits Like comfy


When you first try out a pair of dancing shoes, make certain they fit snugly without too much stress. This will certainly offer you one of the most control of your shoes, also after they are broken in. I usually go a half or full size down for my dancing footwear.

2. Open Toe vs. Closed Toe

Open Toe Dance shoes for Latin Closed Toe Dance shoes for Ballroom

Generally, open-toe shoes are created for Latin and rhythm dancings, such as Salsa, Rumba, and also swing, which need even more directing of the toes and also an articulation of the feet. The opening in the footwear enables you to point your toes simpler and implement footwork a lot more exactly. Shut toe footwear is created for smooth/standard dances, such as Foxtrot and also Waltz, as these dances call for an extra standard timeless appearance. For novices that are learning multiple dancing styles, open-toe shoes or Latin dancing footwear are recommended given that you can pretty much do all styles in them.

3. Women Heel Heights

Heel options Heel options

1.5" Cuban Heel

2" Flared Heel

2.5" Flared Heel

3" Flared Heel

The heel elevation for Latin and also ballroom dance footwear ranges from 1.5" to 3". For starting professional dancers, you ought to choose a heel height that gives you one of the most convenient. If you are not accustomed to putting on heels, you might want to begin with footwear that has a reduced heel to start with. Additionally, there are different forms of the heel, such as slim as well as flared. A flared heel is a preferred choice as it offers you a lot more security. For males' dance footwear, a 1/2" heel is developed for ballroom dancing styles while a 1.5" Cuban heel is developed for Latin dancing styles. Unless you are joining dancing competitions, a 1/2" heel is typically enough for both ballrooms as well as Latin dance.

4. Suede Sole Shoes

Suede soled footwear is best for dance.

It is advised to have a suede sole for your dancing shoes. The suede sole gives you the correct amount of slip and traction so that you can feel more balanced and have even more control when transforming as well as moving the dancing floor. Very once in a while, you require to comb the suede single with a wire dance shoe brush to preserve its roughness.

5. Purchasing Dance Shoes Online vs. In-Store

Whether you order footwear online or purchase them in a shop, I suggest you initially most likely to a dancing supply store to try out some footwear. Considering that sizing can differ from brand name to brand, it is best to try and also compare various brands, dimensions, and also versions to guarantee you discover the right fit.

6. Upkeep

Dampness is the no. 1 point that eliminates a shoe. After the dance, I typically utilize footwear trees to absorb moisture and maintain the shape of the dance footwear. Cedar footwear trees are especially fantastic for dealing with smell! However, dance shoes are not made to last for a very long time as a result of their delicate products and also the method dancers make use of the footwear. To prolong the life of a set of dancing footwear, I recommend having 2 or more pairs of footwear (depending upon just how often you dance) to turn in between dancing sessions. This allows each pair enough time to dry out prior to the following usage. Likewise, never wear your dancing footwear outdoors as the suede natural leather is extremely delicate and can be harmed quickly by any type of severe objects and water!

7. Expense

The price of Latin and also ballroom dance footwear vary from $40 to $250 a set depending on the brand and top quality. For about $150 - 200, you can get a most high-quality pair of shoes - Galex / IDS / Freed of London. It is definitely worth investing a little even more cash because a good pair of dance shoes can last much longer as well as offer you more convenience as well as support when learning to dance.

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