Women - Plus Sizes

Ballroom Pants - 15 P

$ CAD126.00

Ballroom Pants - 15 Ballroom dance trousers for standard Material: Oil jersey and leopard mesh;Features: Flared to the bottom with a stitched belt, with an elastic band 4 cm wide.L..

Latin Dress 07 P

$ CAD230.00

Latin Dress Latin Dress made of jersey oil. The neckline and edge of the dress are velour edging. At the bottom of the dress, a fringe 10 and 15 cm long is sewn in two layers. Dress of an ..

Latin Dresses 47 P

$ CAD165.00

Latin Dress Latin dress made of oil jersey. The original insert on the belt is made of decorative striped mesh, duplicated with a beige oil jersey. Four wedges in the decorative stripe..

Latin Dresses 50 P

$ CAD191.00

Latin dress with semi-adjacent silhouette, above the knee length, without sleeves, without a collar, with a sewn shuttlecock, asymmetrical bottom processed with a regilin 3 cm wide in hem, r..

Latin Top-17P

$ CAD75.00

Latin Top Cropped top with 3/4 sleeves, boat neckline. The product is made of guipure with festoon.Made in Europe, from high-quality fabrics...

Latin Top-29 P

$ CAD75.00

Latin Top Women for Latin top.Training polo neck for Latin with long sleeves, a boat-shaped neckline, and edging along the bottom of the product with an elastic band 2-3 cm wide. The ..

Latin Top-32 P

$ CAD160.00

Latin Top Women for Latin top.Overalls for women, made of oil jersey fabric, on the sides of the hip line inserts duplicated with beige jersey and mesh fabric - stretch. The neck is f..

Latin Top-33 P

$ CAD95.00

Latin top.Women for Latin Top with long sleeves, boat-shaped neckline, with an open back. On the front, there is a figured undercut decorated with a 15 cm fringe. Top is made of a comb..

Ballroom Skirt 2 P

$ CAD140.00

Ballroom Skirt Ballroom dance skirt with 4 cm elastic for standard.Product information:Material: The product is made of euro mesh (2 layers), the petticoat is made of crepe chiffon;Clasp: ..

Ballroom Skirt 3 P

$ CAD117.00

Ballroom Skirt Ballroom Skirt with six gussets, with a stitched belt with an elastic band 4-5 cm wide. The bottom of the product is finished with an open regiline 5 cm wide.Made in Europe,..

Ballroom Skirt 4 P

$ CAD167.00

Ballroom Skirt Ballroom Skirt with five gussets with rose mesh inserts, a stitched belt with an elastic band 4 cm wide. The bottom is finished with a 5 cm wide hem. The product is made of ..

Ballroom Skirt 5 P

$ CAD152.00

The ballroom Skirt is made of oil jersey. At the base of the shuttlecock, there is an insert made of flock mesh, duplicated with a beige oil jersey. The skirt of an adjacent silhouette, flar..

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